Letter: Priorities please!

With a noxious weed such as the super aggressive honeysuckle seen invading and destroying native vegetation in many parts of the shire, I find it sad and appalling that Eurobodalla Shire Council has spent time and money removing beautiful native silky oak trees from Guerilla Bay, Surfside and Tomakin.

An article in last week’s Independent makes reference to the silky oak as a food source for lorikeets, rosellas and honeyeaters, not to mention the myriads of moths and other insects, and native animals who relish this lovely, native tree.

With eucalypts being logged into oblivion every day, would it be so bad if silky oaks were to proliferate in their place?

Although lacking the habitat hollows of an 80-year-plus eucalypt, at least the silky oak would be a substitute food source to fill the void created by wretched logging - and quality furniture can also be made of it!

One wonders about council’s reasons for destroying significant native trees, while blatantly ignoring a major noxious weed such as honeysuckle. The latter can be observed along Wamban Road or the Princes Highway at Mogo.

Diana Gillies, Moruya

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