Letter: Unite and buy back the Bowlo!

I built my home here in 1968 and I have been a member of both the bowling club and the Catalina Club for many years.

Batemans Bay Bowling Club was one of the top bowling clubs in NSW due to the fact that we had five greens, the greatest number at that period of any other state, and when bowling carnivals were held it was almost impossible to get accommodation in the town and the club was a very profitable organisation.

Having been an oyster farmer and farmer and not a business man, would anyone please explain to me how such a profitable club could get to the stage that its members would vote to be taken over, and why the Catalina Club would be silly enough to take on the debt and obligations involved with some notion that it would get the bowling club back to profitability?

However it is too late to argue about that now and the solution could be the same as Malua Bay Bowling Club faced when it was associated with the Soldiers Club. Members keen to see the club continue got together and provided the finance and hard work to make sure that their club didn’t fold and now they have what appears to be a prosperous and well-run club.

I would be prepared to contribute my share if enough bowlers are willing to collectively contribute the funds and commitment to convince the banks that they can clear their debt and operate a successful bowling club in the future, after all we have the land, the greens and the building.

The old-timers who were then oyster farmers, timber workers, fishermen, etc, who started the club had nothing but enthusiasm and the willingness to contribute sufficient funds and hard work to get a bowling club started and redeveloped into one of the top bowling clubs in NSW.

Allan Miller, Catalina

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