Letter: Guns, guts and glory

Recent correspondence about the Narooma Slaughterfest reminds me of belt buckles seen in the USA bearing the words “God, guns and guts made America great”.

John Belcher, writing as president of Nelligen Hunting Club (Bay Post/Moruya Examiner November 7) shot himself in the foot with belittling sarcasm he sprayed on the writer of a letter he disagrees with.

John denigrated the other writer for being confused, uninformed and inconsistent.

He dismissed her assertion that there is no verification of numbers of feral pests “hunters” boast about destroying.

He assured us “Figures are likely to be under-reported, as hunters are reluctant to share knowledge of their favourite areas”.

Hang on, John. You just confirmed “hunters” are loose with the truth.

So the figures are not verified.

Worse, you also confirmed “hunters” are less interested in eradicating feral pests than in maintaining a population of targets in favourite areas where they get their jollies.

It is not illegal for those interested in hunting to gather together to admire the paraphernalia and share stories.

Some in the community will enjoy that opportunity while others must only tolerate it.

But the president of Nelligen Hunting Club has done nothing to reassure us about the trustworthiness of the rootin’, tootin’, gun-toting folk attracted to this event.

Don Burns, Tuross Head

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